About the Stefans

Always Searching For A New Destination

The beginning

We always wanted to see the world.

As we grew we knew there is a beautiful part of life we would miss by not traveling. Ovidiu chose his career as a Navy Officer, so he could just see the world and working at the same time. On the  other hand, Ana wanted to be near Ovidiu, so she chose the rehabilitation and massage college, so she was planning to be in the same boat with Ovidiu.


Searching our style

10 years later… Ovidiu did saw a part of the world while being in the Navy but was far less free than he would have expected. Ana changed career and followed her passion- psychotherapy. She worked a few years in massage therapy, but soon understood that even she was a great massage therapist, she loved to understand and help others. So both of Stefan’s changed careers.


Ovidiu is managing a website for phone unlocks at onlineunlocks.com and he can work and travel as free as he wants.

Ana is studying psychotherapy and learning about the human mind and its hidden places.